Five Reasons To Get A Mac

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Five reasons to get a Mac; Number FIVE will amaze you!

Five reasons to get a Mac: Number FIVE will amaze you!: Once you’ve used a Mac, you’ll never look back – or so the saying goes. We at Darcy Consulting, just love all the reasons why Macs rock. Here are just FIVE of them.

1) The iLife suite is Mac-tastic

The iMac Pro isn’t just a desktop computer. It’s a lifestyle decision. This is basically because it can turn you house into smart home through channelling the capabilities of your other hi-tech devices. Of course, this works through the amazing apps available in App Store – and it works more effectively if your devices are all Apple compatible – but what did you expect from the world’s most advanced home tech giant? Take advantage of iMac’s iLife and manage all your digital devices including music players, tablets, phones, TV’s and more, via your iMac console.

2) Web browsing is better on a Mac

If, until now you’ve tried a number of PC and Android browsers and found them wanting, you’ll be delighted with Safari, Apple Mac’s own service – and will never look back. Super stable, fast and reliable, browsing is a breeze via the iMac. Just think about it for a second. No more messing about with Chrome, Firefox, Opera or even the archaic Internet Explorer, which Windows keep adding to their latest software – why? We don’t know.

3) Macs have Face Time!

One word. Skype. It’s just so yesterday. Buggy and glitchy and annoyingly unreliable, if you need to speak to a loved one face to face, then Face Time is the service for you. Although video call functions are now available on Facebook and even via WhatsApp, if you have the iMac Pro you can make use of this fantastic app that’s had long-running appreciation with Apple users since it was launched – oh, years ago!

4) Macs are speedy

Yes – in fact the graphics alone are a massive 135% faster than your average laptop… No more hanging, no more glitching, no more crashing and no more tedious re-installs. Apple users and converts all extol the virtues of the Apple platform – and the new iMacs are no exception. They are super-fast and powerful, despite their small size, so multi-tasking isn’t a problem. For memory-clogging software like Photoshop and video packages, which are required for all online and offline artwork these days, the iMac can accommodate without any bother. It’s why it’s the preferred machine for designers and online artists. Because Macs are speedy, you can also use them for gaming. Although it’s true that Macs are mainly used as work horses, they can also host some pretty impressive gaming platforms too.

5) Macs are totally repairable

One of the gripes non-Mac users claim to have about Apple gear is that when it goes wrong (which it rarely does) it’s impossible to repair. Not so – at all. True, it takes an expert in Mac’s to trouble shoot their way through an Apple motherboard and decipher the problem. But Macs can be repaired as quickly as any other PC. You can also upgrade them and retrieve data, just like you would be able to with your average Windows desktop or PC. The difference is that Mac repair is fairly specialized because Mac tech is much more highly developed than Windows. As a result, Macs rarely go wrong. But when they do, you need a Mac expert to sort out the problem. However, rest assured, repairing a Mac is perfectly possible. We do it every day and have hundreds of satisfied customers. We would advise you go with an experienced agent though as some computer repair outlets are better at handling basic PC repairs rather than Macs.

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